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Jersey Shore Music Festival

Performing at the 2017 Jersey Shore Music Festival was no small feat! QOK was excited to be awarded a spot on this years lineup - and even got to squeeze in a second set. They packed everything but the kitchen sink into 2 mini vans and headed north. With the band and crew in tow, they scouted their performance location and realized the weather and venue were NOT going to be on their side. QOK expected warm sunny weather and were not prepared for the hurricane-like winds. Many vendors near their stage had already taken down, funneling many festival goers to the opposite end of the Jersey Shore Boardwalk. Cue guerrilla marketing and baja hoodies! QOK announced their set time along the Boardwalk with picket signs (and chanting) and shortly after their set began, a nice crowd had formed.

The most memorable experience of set #1 was performing "Unknown Solider" in honor of veterans dealing with PTSD and mental illness. Representatives of the organization Mission 22 were present and later said "Thank you for an amazing performance this past weekend from the bottom of my heart !! You all are my family now !! My new favorite Song Unknown Soldier". #Mission22 is a veteran organization fighting against veteran suicide. You can learn more about their great cause here.

After finishing up their first set on the Boardwalk, QOK set up again inside the Arcade after a quick break. Set #2 wrapped and it was time to pile back into the two mini-vans and head back to the DMV.

On to the next one!

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